The Search for a Cell...

...Phone that is. I have been researching this because I am finished with my very first cell contract. Before this, I was the proud owner of a $9 per month land line account. The best price for my cell contract is about $35 per month for two years and my phone time is limited. I still believe that we are all being forced into having to pay a lot for a communication device that, though it allows a great deal of convenience and could even be an element in saving your very life, costs way too much compared to what I had before that served me well.
Now I am completely amazed at all of the features that this tiny communication device can offer...as well as the price.
At this point in time, AT&T is likely going to offer the brand new OMNIA. A very smart move on AT&T's part because the Omnia is the best competitor to the IPhone which is also handled by AT&T.
Blackberry is on the verge of releasing the Thunder and the Bold, and Nokia has a phone in the running but the model slips my mind at the moment. By the way, most of the time I am looking at two windows; one for the cell phone deal and one that is either www.engadget.com or www.cnet.com for ratings on the phones.
I really want to try a phone with e-mail and a few other nifty extras, but I really would like to avoid a two year contract. With this in mind, I am currently purusing www.celltrade.com and www.cellswapper.com to attempt taking over somebody else's contract and inheriting their cell phone in the deal for a few months as a trial run. I am hoping this will be a win/win for both the person needing to get out of their contract and for me to try something different.

Note these sites for cells on sale; http://www.wirefly.com/ http://www.point.com/ http://www.myrateplan.com/ http://www.letstalk.com/