Learn and Play #22 MOLDI

Login to MOLDI by accessing MOLDI through the CML web site (lower right-hand corner of the homepage), or, for those of you who have downloaded the Library Toolbar, just click on the link in the drop-down menu in the toolbar. Note: If you’re not a member of CML staff or don’t have a CML library card, full access to MOLDI may not be available.
Click on the Browse eBooks link, or whatever type of media you wish, and explore some of the many titles.
Create a blog post about your findings. Did you locate a title that you might want to try out and download?

Signed in, looked at the titles and catagories of several genre, used the side bar search for music and got "We're sorry, but no results were found for the specified search criteria".
OK..went to search and chose e-flicks instead. I chose science fiction and fantasy. Now, this is fun and easy. Here we go "Brain From Planet Arous"; A strange alien ship crash lands in the California desert, bringing a terrifying evil intelligence from another planet whose mission is to conquer the world using subversive mind control. Wonderful...

I downloaded the OD media console and the windows media player MOLDI had available and then tried downloading the movie. I got a messaage, "Unable to acquire a license to play the selected media title." My computer also says that the download may contain viruses or other malicious code that could harm my computer. My computer hasn't been acting quite right lately and this is probably why with all the downloading and signing up for all manner of things. I just figured that by the end of Learn and Play, I would have to reset and clean up everything so I would have my computer back.
So, since the media player was available through the MOLDI site and was offered for playing movies, I am baffled.
I also tried to down load an e-book on CML's computer and ran into problems where I was supposed to download an Adobe application and sorry, but no success there either. As I am out of time this hour to do this...I think this is about all I need to say about my MOLDI experience.
This isn't the first time that I have had this sort of difficulty with downloading things from libraries or trying to, I should say. Sorry Learn and Play team, but I am not so sure I want to put anything from MOLDI on my computer and at this point, it's not a go.