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I wasn't too sure I really liked the Shaman character at first, but I have discovered that it has a lot of really nice features that I enjoy after all. For example, you aren't all about killing all the time. You can heal people and you get so many various types of skills, you can wonder around fairly independently doing your thing and join in when and where ever something is going on.

As is the case with a lot of games, you fight and kill things for loot and to gain power through leveling up your skills. Here I am fighting with a large lepidoptera.
Another feature of gaming is dieing. Here I am dead. In WOW you get to run after your corpse when you die, pick it up, and attempt to get some health and mana recharged before something attacks you and kills you again.
Shamans are the spiritual leaders of their tribes and clans. They communicate with spirits, have visions of the future, and guide their people through the darkest of times. Many mistake their wisdom and serenity for a pacifist nature. When challenged, though, shamans have a range of powers available for dealing with threats to the natural order.
Armed with the ability to harness lightning (Lightning Bolt, Lightning Shield) and other offensive magic (Earthquake), combined with the ability to buff and heal (Restoration), the Shaman is a powerful class indeed. As the only spellcaster besides the Hunter that has the opportunity to wear armor higher than leather (mail armor at level 40), the Shaman can also survive well in melee combat.