I see you

I spent some time looking at other participant's blogs this evening. There is so much information that I am gratefully suffering from info overload. I never would have learned or been exposed to so much so fast any other way. I am especially pleased to find information or links to neat tools like meebo that can be used in social networking. So, at the end of this session of web trekking, I have a my space account, a youtube account, a delicious account, and a meebo account. Now I just have to keep account of all the accounts.
I noticed that those who are proudly in the career of librarianship frequently have a lot to say and/or share. This one; Any Number of Things is absolutely mindboggling and The Amazing Adventures of the Type A Librarian
has introduced me to meebo as well as the possibility of adding to my collection of library attire.
I hope everybody stays on board and finishes the 23 things as well as sharing more neat tools on their blogs. For those I have read who are apprehensive and unfamiliar with all this, I wasn't too far ahead of you in the first place and I believe there is something in all this for everyone. See you in the bloggosphere.