Tribes by Seth Godin

Seth Godin has a very good point when he addresses the issue of learning styles. Here is the forward from his online accomplishment, a PDF book Tribes.
How do you learn?
Do you need a step by step playbook, or do you do better with stories?
Perhaps you prefer a detailed analysis to a sketchy do-it-yourself overview...
Multiple learning styles are a given. What’s not is the way authors respond to this biological diversity. Usually, we write one book, our way, and leave it at that. If you don’t learn that way, tough.
I had this in mind when I asked the thousands of members of the Triiibe to write their own book, this book, based on my book, Tribes. It’s not the same as my book... in fact, it’s very different. It’s a book I could never have written, though perhaps (maybe) it’s a book you’d like to read.
My suggestion is that you take a look at the printed book first. Or just dive in. This PDF is free. Free to read, free to print, free to share. You just can’t re-sell it. If you like what you’re hearing, feel free to contact any of the authors within. They’ll probably be thrilled to hear from you.
To anyone reading this: enjoy. And to the tireless team that wrote it: you’re amazing. Thank you.
Seth Godin
Seth’s blog"
This is a work of art. With internet tools we have new options in contrast to how we have learned in the past. The PDF file asks many questions, which is a great place to start any endeavor. Check it out and enjoy.