Blogging On

Click on title...get a "whizle" guide to blogging. The guide mentions not being concerned that nobody is reading your blog. It's a "just dive in" approach to the "art". Anyway, since we are moving along a week at a time on this, I backed off from running ahead because there are assignments. I have already used del.icio.us and LibraryThing. I have also found some cool tools such as http://goanimate.com/ After creating a mashup with silverlight, I discovered that people would have to download it to see my work. Flash is better.
I really like blogging. I started having ideas for themes to blog about that some "civilians" might take an interest in. I am looking for a widget that allows visitors to chat with each other on my blog. Now that would be convenient. It's like point of purchase advertising...you need to connect NOW. Not tomorrow or maybe next week sometime to get an impact.