A series of water waves that is caused when a large volume of a body of water, such as an ocean, is rapidly displaced.
Seems pretty simple. Today it's a wave of debt and greed. The folks with the money want to keep thier life style and the best way to do that is squeeze all the little guys. Whether it's the bottom line of a company or the preservation or enhancement of the larger incomes in an organization, the tsunami is hitting all the little guys really hard now.
Most people are really confused about who is to blame over the crisis. They take a stand that it's the people who got loans they couldn't afford if they are in the haves catagory. They take the stand that they were mislead if they are in the have nots catagory. Some people aren't in either catagory, but are feeling the consequenses because they lose their job or their bank and/or credit card company decides to charge them some fee or increase their payments threefold or cancel and change the terms of their agreement. Of course, all those financial things say, "we can change our terms any time we want for any reason we want". Employers have taken to the same mantra; we can terminate you for any reason or no reason at all any time we want.
This freedom is something to think about. For some strange reason, those who continue to pay for things believe they have to. Maybe they need to write a contract that says; we will pay if we feel like it after you decide to be fair in your terms or commit to something we agree to.