I am following the directions per the Learn and Play site;
How to find your public Bloglines URL:

"Click on the Share tab within your Bloglines account:
Scroll down the right screen pane and locate the public URL (see screenshot)
Be sure to add this as part of your post to demonstrate your completion of this activity!"


Frankly, I have been really frustrated with bloglines because of a message that has continued to appear at the top of the page; "Your account has not been confirmed yet, please reply to the email verification message that was sent by Bloglines." I have responded to that e-mail numerous times to no avail, but I have continued to add to my list of feeds anyway.
The use of rss makes it easier to visit things/people since you can include their blogs/rss feeds on a blog or in e-mail. I especially appreciate being able to have the CML Learn and Play feed on the blog.

Google Sky

Greetings Earthlings

My creation
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It was just too tempting to go back and try some more Flickr fun. As soon as I get my camera fixed, It will likely be one of those hugely successful addictions. Besides, I wanted to be sure to try the Learn and Play blog suggestions.