I recently found a great website about stocks and investments; http://www.portfolio.com/
For a long time, I have thought about investing, but always felt I didn't know enough. With the current state of affairs where the economy is concerned bending and twisting our lives and possible futures in ways beyond our control, I decided to revisit the issue. I now believe that as early as high school our children should be taught something about economics and finance by somebody passionate enough to really impart knowledge that counts. Frankly, I have loathed the educational process because it lacked application when I was growing up. I think my gut feelings were on the mark. I felt that we were all sent to a convenient place where we would be accessible and kept busy all day so that many people had jobs and benefits and politicians had leverage and parents had what they felt was the benefit of many people to teach their children things that were beyond the parents resources to impart.

In any event, the video above discussed being responsible for what you say or realizing what the consequences may be. I thought about Sarah Palin carrying on over being a Hockey mom, too. That's just fine, but a lot of us aren't Hockey moms, Sarah. Why not talk seriously, articulately, and intelligently about the country? Somehow, I just don't feel that safe with a loose cannon whose greatest pride seems more centered on those matriarchal successes than on knowing the score economically in America.

There are two very odd things that have come out of my discovery of the site; the main character in the narrator's story is named Sarah, hence my thoughts about Sarah Palin, and I discovered the site while investigating the Rothchilds. I found that a Rothchild married a very successful American, Lynn Forester http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/09/17/lynn-forester-de-rothschi_n_127047.html
who has switched parties from backing Hillary Clinton to being behind the McCain/Palin ticket. You may draw your own conclusions.

If you have been keeping up with my blog, you notice that while doing research about the Federal Reserve, Rothchild is a prominent player in the money game.
Getting back to the point, I feel that especially in affairs of state, it is important to be careful about what you say and I have learned that my free wheeling expression, though often cathartic, can be terribly misunderstood and even damaging since I am not considering my intent.

Lately, my intent is to express what I think many of us should or do feel, that we are being cheated and controlled by people who are educated in processes that we don't understand and that because we were not led to know anything about these things in the first place, it is a set up. Think about it. I have come to believe that not even the brokers necessarily knew what they were doing. It was just a product they were told to sell. By the time any of them knew what they were doing, it was too late and somebody was making out like a bandit. No, some several somebodies ARE bandits....or maybe a better term; CROOK. There I go again...freewheeling my thoughts and exercising my American freedom. It appears to me that there was just so much money for a lot of people to get their hands on in the process that as long as they got a cut, they really didn't mind turning away and letting it happen.

Oh, and by the way, Obama keeps saying that these things go back eight years. They go back much farther than that. At least 21 when you consider the Keating Five scandal and at least 30 when you follow the numbers concerning the finances of American families.

We could Google all day about the details about who did what, but where do you find anyone who is a saint in the financial world? Who would be honest enough to do the right thing under so much pressure that may even involve loss of lives or the ruining of children's futures if the authorities were called in to stop it? What authorities can there be if they face some very painful consequences for doing the right thing? People are ruined every day through the misleading powers that be and the ability of these powers to pull hard on the purse strings when ever they want results that include hiding the truth.