Wiki #16

Here we are at the Learn and Play thing again; http://columbusmetropolitanlibrary.wordpress.com/2008/09/21/17-playing-around-with-wikis-pbwiki/ and I added some restaurant favorites, a favorite animal, and this favorite blog plus another; http://www.roytanck.com/
Read this guy's welcome statement....LOL. I like informative blogs with a sense of humor.
I wasn't too sure that I got it right when I was adding things to the Wiki, but since the entries seemed to show up right...I am hoping somebody will tell me if I got it wrong so I can do it again.
At the start, there were issues with getting onto the Wiki, but a little patience and viola, I was off and running. This is one of those things I'd like to take some time getting aquainted with so I can have a nice design going. Enough about me, though.
I found something interesting on Wikipedia http://en.wikip
This page is marked "currently inactive and is retained for historical reference." It discusses how views can slant to a particular side of an issue and thus represent an idea in an unbalanced manner. This can be accomplished through somebody deleting information from a different perspective concerning an idea and filling in a great deal of information to support another perspective.
Since we are heading toward an election, I found this article stimulating to my thought process regarding how complicated issues are handled politically. In addition, it reminds me that aside from basic informative content, there is a danger of information on a Wiki being used in a manner that misrepresents a topic.
I trust you'll read through the page and think about what it is saying.

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