Just last year TechCrunch introduced the TechCrunch40 which were computer applications exposed to venture capitalists who would keep them afloat if they showed promise. This year it's the TechCrunch50. While I was purusing some of this years "winners", I found myself captivated by Videosurf,
("VideoSurf is a computer vision search engine that has created a new way for users to easily find, discover and watch the videos from across the Web." VideoSurf's search engine delivers more relevant results and allows consumers to visually navigate them to easily find the specific scenes, people or moments they most want to see. Hence, users spend less time searching and more time being entertained. VideoSurf's goal is to become the ultimate destination for consumers looking to search and discover video content on the Web.) and...

brings the power of Wikipedia - the wisdom of crowds - to every meme (block of text) on the web, and leverages automatic semantic matching to distribute each contribution to every instance of that meme across the web.
The first release of DotSpots will focus on improving online news (mainstream media, blogosphere and citizen journalists), by identifying and indexing semantically similar content across millions of news sites and blogs, while empowering bloggers and individuals to annotate text on their local favorite sites with comments, videos and photos. Each local contribution is then instantly distributed globally and filtered by a user voting system that ensures everyone benefits from the best thoughts of those with something to contribute.

In this way bloggers will be able to reach a more mainstream audience, while mainstream media benefits from having the insightful perspective of bloggers available, in context, on each of their articles."

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