Learn and Play #17 b

On my first attempt to create a document and publish it to my blog, you couldn't see the text to read it. So, here I am attempting to do it again to see what I can change to make it readable.

By the way, there was a warning about accidentally sharing sensative information in this publication;  


Thursday, August 28, 2008


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**5p34k1nt0ngu35** said...

Suggestion for shortening your links within a posting to make your site a little neater:

1) Type a keyword of some kind. In this case you would type "Be Careful With Your Google Docs"

2) Hilight what you just typed.

3) Click on the link button.

4) Type or paste the url to the article and press OK.

5) Now you have the title of that article linked instead of having the raw url running off the screen in a separate place.

Of course, leaving the raw url in your post may be intentional. If so, please just disregard what I just typed.