Thing #17 Google Docs

1. Create a free account for yourself in Google Docs.
2. Explore Google Docs,experiment, and create a test document or two. http://drawu2.blogspot.com/2008/10/on-my-first-attempt-to-create-document.html
After you’ve created some test documents, select one and then choose
“More Actions.” You can publish, or save your document as a PDF or other version.
4. Create a blog post answering these questions:

How could online applications such as Google Docs help you in your day-to-day work?
Working on a document from any computer is great since we are always moving around AND being able to put them on a blog facilitates sharing them without the extra steps of downloading as an attachment.

How could libraries incorporate and ultimately benefit from these tools? Not sure just now. This is mainly because while I was attempting to create a document, I had a few issues with how it showed up on the blog. Still, that is not the only way to use Google docs. I was able to insert a picture and generally do what I do where documents are concerned, though, and then post it. That link is in #2of this post.
I really LOVE the presentation feature. It really went smoothly.
OPTIONAL: Share one of your test documents either on your blog or by linking to it online. :)

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twilightxfan said...

wow. that is amazing. i didn't know google docs could do that.