Thing #19: Explore CML’s own Tool Box of great Web 2.0 tools

Discovery Exercise:

This Discovery Exercise is easy! As you look through the Power Tools Page, try out some of the links in the Tool Box that we haven’t covered in Learn & Play. If you’re at home, try downloading the Library Toolbar or the Catalog Plugin. Or, read the blog, Tooling Around, and leave a comment. Create a blog post about whatever element of the page you discovered and then enter that post’s URL in the Tracking Log.
I downloaded the CML tool bar. Very cool and so convenient to check my items to return.
Then I got into "MAKE" and surfed around a little. Make is great for finding instructions on how to create all sorts of things and as you can see at the top of this post, Halloween is the feature now (no da). Here's a project;

The google search box is customized to Make so that you get more accurate results. I like making paper snowflakes and Make featured this really cool one at http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2006/12/how_to_make_a_3_1.html

Make is just so much fun stuff to do all online complete with instructions and videos. It's just fantastic....even for earthlings.

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